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Augmenting teams through tech and automation.

We’ve spent years improving and automating the traditional agency workflow. Now, Operam’s machine learning algorithms augment media and creative teams with streamlined communication, insightful reporting, increased transparency and better performance.

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Operam is the perfect solution for running your marketing campaign. Media optimization, creative management, and improved audience targeting is only a small portion of what we offer.

A combination of our technology, media, creative, and marketing science data has resulted in some of the world’s most successful campaign performances. Our track record proves it.

  • Complete campaign transparency

    Keep ownership of all your advertising accounts. We don’t hide anything — all costs and media performance are readily available.

  • Real-time insights

    Stay on top of your advertising with actionable insights, developed and curated by best-in-class data scientists.

  • Your results are benchmarked

    We compare your performance against internal and industry benchmarks.


Keep your favorite tools and existing workflow with our integrations.

We enhance our teams through direct platform integrations, enabling us to generate automated insights, provide real-time campaign feedback, and improve overall campaign performance. We also provide customizable integrations with products that fit your existing workflow.


    Combining the best and brightest professionals in a single company.

    Operam bridges the gap between services and technology, combining the best and brightest data scientists, engineers, creatives, and media professionals into a single company.

    To truly improve your business, you need a team working alongside you that provide game-changing ideas and strategies. A team that has an exemplary track record and believes in your goals and success. We are that team.

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    • Engineering

      Our pre-integrated data solutions provides access to data right at your fingertips. We develop new, improved features based on your specific needs.

    • Marketing Science

      No more guesswork — we turn your data into actionable insights. Our team prototypes, monitors, and measures your brand’s performance. Real insights by real people.

    • Media

      Augmented by technology, we streamline the traditional agency workflow. We create custom strategies, user journeys, audience planning, and buying campaigns to help you reach your perfect audiences.

    • Creative

      Stand out from the crowd. We produce highly engaging, iterative creative based on actionable, data-driven insights for each of your audiences.

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    Our clients

    We help the best connect, understand, and perform.

    We simplify reporting by giving you real insights from real people. Our team of Marketing Scientists unpacks your data – providing digestible updates and drastically reduce the reporting timeline for actionable insights. No more guesswork.

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