5 Key Marketing Updates You Need to Know This Week – August 12th

Since marketing methods are always being updated, you need to be too. Stay in the know with these advertising news stories from the past weeks. Updated August 12th.

1. Instagram is testing ads in its Shop tab

Instagram increases its e-commerce business: 

While Ads in Instagram Shop are available for select US advertisers, the platform will expand to other markets in the coming months. The new format includes both single images and the option for an image carousel.

What you need to know: Ads will launch with an auction-based model. The number of ads that appear on mobile will be based on how the viewer uses Instagram and how many people are shopping in the Instagram tab.  

Companies debuting on Ads: Fenty Beauty, Clare paint, Boo Oh, and DEUX are among the businesses being used to launch Ads. Beauty, home décor, pet products, and travel are some of the most popular Instagram Shop categories. 

Women dominate Instagram: Since the majority of Instagram influencers who create sponsored posts are female, most of the ad categories cater to females. The fact that more ladies than men appear to shop on the platform also influenced the decision.

Find out more https://techcrunch.com/2021/08/09/instagram-tests-ads-in-its-shop-tab/

​​2. Google Ads provides Data-Driven Attribution for YouTube and Display ads

Consumers may interact with many ads from one brand before making purchase decisions. This is why Google Ads upgraded their data-driven attribution models to support YouTube and Display ads. Marketers can choose how much credit each ad interaction gets for conversions. This helps direct investments in the media with the greatest impact. 

Along with clicks, the data-driven attribution model measures engaged views from YouTube. This provides additional insight into how users interact with the ads and convert. Combined with automated bidding strategies or updates to manual bidding, this helps drive more conversions at the same CPA compared to last-click models.

Details here https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/11010970

3. Stream Display Ads on Twitch are a lot less disruptive

Twitch is trying out ads that show up under or around a viewer’s stream but don’t prevent them from seeing or hearing what’s on. These 10-second Stream Display Ads cannot be closed or minimized. Although no more than eight ads will show per hour, this number may change along with demand. Viewers are expected to enjoy these new ads more than the pre and mid-roll ones that prevent them from seeing the stream.  

Learn more https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/2/22606297/twitch-stream-display-ads-disruptive-banner-screen

4. Facebook’s smart glasses will be its next hardware launch

Facebook is partnering with EssilorLuxottica and Ray-Ban to create smart glasses. Although the launch date and product functions are unknown, it was confirmed that the glasses won’t have an integrated display and won’t be considered an augmented reality device. They might rely on a paired smartphone app for controls. 

Smart glasses are part of Facebook’s plans to build a multi-modal technology platform that blends virtual and physical spaces. Because this “metaverse” will be used for shopping, work, and socialization, Facebook will sell advertising on it. 

Read more https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/29/22599599/facebook-ray-ban-smart-glasses-next-product-launch-specs

5. SpaceX and Geometric Energy Corporation plan to beam ads into space

Geometric Energy Corporation, a Canadian startup that provides technology services, is partnering with SpaceX to build a satellite, called a CubeSat. One side will have a pixelated display screen showing advertisements, logos, and art. The CubeSat will be loaded onto a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, then taken into orbit and released before the rocket reaches the moon. While in orbit, a selfie stick attached to the CubeSat will film the display screen. The footage will be live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch for anyone to see.

Advertising on the CubeSat will be done by using cryptocurrency to purchase tokens to claim, locate, and design a pixel on the display screen. Depending on the token purchased, advertisers can control where their pixel is placed, what it will look like, or how long it will last. 

Additional information https://www.businessinsider.com./spacex-start-up-launch-satellite-space-advertising-cryptocurrency-2021-7

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