5 Key Marketing Updates You Need to Know This Week – September 16th

Since marketing methods are always being updated, you need to be too. 

Stay in the know with these advertising news stories from the past weeks, updated September 16th, 2021.

1. Square offers a new checkout experience with Cash App Pay.

Can you believe it? As of June 2021, US TikTok users watched an average of 24 hours of video each month. In contrast, US YouTube users watched for 22 hours and 40 minutes. And, TikTok users in the UK watched an average of 26 hours of content per month. Comparatively, YouTube users in the U.S. watched 16 hours.

Participating Square sellers now can accept in-person and online payments through Cash App Pay. The contactless payment method lets customers scan a seller’s QR code at checkout or click a button on their mobile device for a fast, secure transaction. This increases the reach of Square sellers to Cash App’s 70 million+ active customers.

Details here: https://squareup.com/us/en/press/cash-app-pay.

2. A new look for Pinterest Pin discovery. TikTok style.

Pinterest is testing a new tab called Watch that features a scrolling, vertical feed of content similar to TikTok’s feed. This helps Pinners discover new ideas, and Creators and brands reach a wider audience of people who want to try new things. Pinterest appears to be broadening its UX choices to align with emerging app usage behaviors to maximize engagement.

See what this looks like here: https://twitter.com/KenSchillinger/status/1437145228457218048

3. Check out Instagram’s latest holiday season e-com guide.

Maximize your brand’s promotional efforts on Instagram through its Shops and other e-commerce features. The ‘Holiday Szn’ mini-site provides the following: 

  • Pointers on promotional and e-commerce tools
  • Links to in-depth overviews and explainers
  • Usage insights and tips on product details, ads, shopping tags, and more

Check it out at: https://business.instagram.com/shopping/guide-and-best-practices

4. Facebook revamping its business tool lineup.

Following the threat to its ad-targeting business caused by Apple’s latest privacy features, Facebook launched new products and features to benefit business owners. 

  • Since iOS apps allow users to opt-out of being tracked, the majority of users are taking advantage of this. 
  • Companies that previously used this information for targeted advertising are at a disadvantage.

In response, Facebook began testing a way for customers to explore businesses in News Feed posts by tapping the topics that interest them most.

  • Marketers can reach, advertise to and chat with customers across Facebook apps.
  • Brands can better position themselves in front of relevant audiences to generate leads, acquire customers, and more.

Further reading: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/introducing-products-for-the-next-era-of-personalized-experiences

5. They are finally here. Finally. Facebook’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses.

Facebook and Luxottica’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses let users take photos and record videos with voice commands or by pressing a button. There are small speakers that turn the glasses into headphones for listening to music and podcasts through Bluetooth paired with a smartphone. The glasses include microphones to talk on the phone as well. 

  • The photos and videos show up within an app called View, developed for the glasses.
  • Users can download the photos and videos into their phones’ camera roll or share them on other apps.

Find out more: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/09/facebook-ray-ban-stories-smart-glasses-review.html

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