5 Key Marketing Updates You Need to Know This Week – September 2nd

Since marketing methods are always being updated, you need to be too. Stay in the know with these advertising news stories from the past weeks, updated September 2nd.

1. Twitter is testing out Ticketed Spaces…

  • Certain hosts on Twitter’s live audio feature ‘Spaces’ are able to sell access to Ticketed Spaces. 
  • Anyone on iOS can buy tickets to Spaces hosted by people with access to the feature. 
  • This sets Twitter apart from Clubhouse and Instagram, which let listeners tip speakers or award badges in a live audio space, but don’t enable advance ticket sales. 

….and Super Follows.

  • Twitter is also rolling out Super Follows, its premium subscription option. 
  • Users pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content from the accounts they like. 
  • The subscribers receive a Super Follower badge that shows up in replies, increasing the follower’s ability to directly interact with the accounts they support. 
  • U.S. and Canada iOS users can Super Follow some accounts now, with more users gaining access in the coming weeks. 
  • Super Follows for creators are enabled in iOS now, with Android support coming soon.

2. Amazon is partnering with Affirm.

Earlier this year, Square acquired Affirm, the payment network that empowers consumers and helps merchants increase sales. This is a huge step for Affirm’s future growth. The flexible payment solution will soon be available for Amazon customers at checkout too as part of their new partnership. Amazon and Affirm are testing with certain customers at present and will be rolling it out to everyone in the coming months. 

3. Google Shopping ads, now with shipping and return call-outs.

Because more consumers than ever are planning to shop online for the holiday season, they want to know whether the items they order will be in stock and what a store’s shipping and return policy is. This is why Google Shopping results across free and paid listings are showing shipping and return annotations. 

  • Shoppers know when their orders will arrive with annotations like “Free delivery by Fri, Dec 24” or “Get it by Dec 24.” 
  • Annotations such as “Free 90-day returns” or “Free returns until Jan 31” give shoppers more confidence in their purchases. 
  • Merchants who highlight 1- to 3-day shipping in their free listings on the Shopping tab see an 11% increase in average CTR. 

4. Having a paywall doesn’t mean Google sees that content as thin content.

Google shows content paywalls as much as it shows content not behind paywalls. Just because users may see a paragraph or two of an article doesn’t mean that is all there is. The company doesn’t use word count to determine thin content. 

5. Instagram wants your birthday.

Officially, Instagram wants to protect young people. However, they likely want to collect more first party data based on the loss of visibility that iOS 14.5 brought with it. 

  • Users need to add their birthday to “personalize” their experience.
  • Birthday information must be shared to view content that is flagged as sensitive or graphic.
  • AI technology can identify accounts where kids potentially lied about their age.
  • Instagram continues to allow ad targeting based on age, gender and location across age groups.

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