6 Key Marketing Updates You Need to Know This Week – September 30th

Since marketing methods are always being updated, you need to be too. 

Stay in the know with these advertising news stories from the past weeks, updated September 29th, 2021.

1. Google – Last click is out, data-driven attribution is in.

Want a more accurate understanding of how each marketing touchpoint contributed to a conversion? Data-driven attribution in Google Ads uses advanced machine learning to provide key insights into consumer behavior while respecting their privacy. Google is removing the data requirements and adding support for other types of conversions to help marketers improve their performance. Data-driven attribution will be the default attribution model for new conversion actions in Google Ads. Learn more

2. Spotify launched its ‘All Ears On You’ campaign to attract more small- and medium-sized business advertisers. 

Attention podcast advertisers! Spotify Advertising, formerly Spotify for Brands, is pitching ad packages that start as low as $250.

  • The Spotify Audience Network lets marketers buy advertising to connect with listeners both on and off Spotify. This includes Spotify Originals and exclusives as well as content from Megaphone.
  • Podcast publishers have seen a double-digit increase in fill rates and unique advertisers as well as a double-digit lift in CPMs.  
  • The Spotify Audience Network expanded to Australia, Canada and the U.K. because of this success.

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3. Bitmedia – the answer to crypto advertising?

Bitmedia is a crypto-centered display ad network that helped share blockchain with the world. 

  • As the most used crypto ad network, Bitmedia knows that display ads typically bring businesses the fastest ROI.
  • Show promotions let sponsors isolate and target audiences by area, individual inclinations, sexual orientation, gadget type and interests to promote brand mindfulness and changes.
  • Because the marketplace is specific to the crypto and blockchain community, it provides crypto-related websites high-quality ads distribution and conversions to blockchain advertisers.
  • One dashboard accommodates webmasters with easy access to stats, export of stats, money management and overseeing the ads flow to their assets.
  • Advertisers benefit from easy campaign setup and management.
  • The platform partners with Keitaro to streamline ad campaign optimization, AML Bot to check customers’ crypto wallets for illicit funds, and Stripe for payment processing and swift transactions between advertisers and publishers. 
  • Ads will be monitored and managed by smart contracts to provide even more precise display ads accounting.

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4. TikTok research on how users respond to their ads.

If you’re looking for strong brand recall and positive sentiment across different view durations, you need to be advertising on TikTok. A study conducted with MediaSciene shows that brands on TikTok are more memorable and more positively received than brands on other platforms. 

When compared to other social platforms, ads on TikTok showed the following:

  • Higher early user engagement and attention
  • Stronger brand recall
  • More positive brand sentiment 

How TikTok can benefit your marketing strategy:

  • Create Spark Ads to scale your paid campaigns while capitalizing on the functionality of TikToks.
  • Use the free creative tools to learn about cultural trends and enhance your brand storytelling. 
  • Leverage TikTok Ads Manager to attain brand and performance goals. 

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5. What’s new in iOS 15 when it comes to ASO? (App Store Optimization)

In-App Events in search results: Apps and games that run events can promote them in the app’s or game’s page to increase discovery and engagement.  

  • Register your tournaments, new releases, or out-of-app events like sports and openings with Apple to earn a spot in the search results and editorial content. 
  • In-App Events will replace screenshots in search results for apps and games that users already installed. 
  • If you don’t have an In-App Event to promote, your screenshots will be hidden. 
  • If you have no events to promote, optimize your keywords to increase your rank in search results. 

App Store widget: The new widget displays editorial content, such as featured apps, to increase visibility on the home screen. Focus on the following to encourage Apple to feature your app:

  • Interactions your app offers
  • Your app’s unique features
  • Your app’s simple design 
  • Your app’s intuitive user experience 
  • Apple’s latest application programming interfaces (APIs) and features

Custom Product Pages: Developers can use different screenshots, App Preview and promotional text to create variations of their app’s or game’s App Store Page. 

  • Developers can give the page’s unique URL to anyone outside of the store. 
  • Developers can curate the content that different groups of users will see in the App Store to help them understand the value of the app or connect with the game, leading to a download.  
  • Include what users would find useful or engaging, such as a specific feature or game character.

A/B testing with Product Page Optimization: Determine which colors, fonts and composition get your app the most downloads.

  • Test screenshots, App Preview and the icon.
  • Use up to three variations. 
  • Run your test for up to 90 days.

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6. What’s new in iOS 15 when it comes to ASO? (App Store Optimization)

Have you given into the “TikTok made me buy it” phenomenon? Creator-driven word-of-mouth marketing has taken over the platform. 

  • Each user’s For You page is built around videos they like, share and repeatedly watch.
  • Other videos show up in line with a user’s interests.
  • Users can watch the videos, engage with the content, visit a brand’s site to browse or make a purchase, then return to TikTok. 
  • This guides users through a continuous loop of awareness, consideration and conversion. 
  • Brands can more easily connect with consumers to increase selling opportunities.


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