We bring foresight to marketing.

With a natural limit to what a human may perceive, our intelligent marketing platform helps you and your team see the big picture and decode the granular view.

Our Foundation

Our Foundation

Founded in 2015, Operam has helped businesses connect the right campaign to the right audience to exceed marketing performance. This foundation has translated into a universal solution for marketers and analysts alike. Our team of marketers, data scientists, and engineers value human intelligence and data-driven decision making, leading our clients to newfound business success with Operam.

Our Beliefs

The data will show you.

We're interested in the why; we're obsessed with the what.

There can be no B team.

Any important decision is informed by algorithms built and trained by an A+ team.

There's always space in between.

We're on the hunt for that one thing that stands out as meaningful.

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Our Values

Operam finds the perfect symmetry between form and freedom to make the future more predictable and to bring teams together through signals toward the right possible human actions.


Insights are only actionable when you see the data the way you need to see it. Storyboards are designed specific to each project, campaign, and role.


One holistic view means you have the ability to see the big picture, to look closely at each data point, and to gain other perspectives.


With deep integrations and myriad data sources that matter, depth of AI-powered modeling and insight is possible.


Progressive marketing isn’t static. Data flows continuously and the platform evolves and learns your preferences.


Operam is home to some of marketing’s best problem solvers, engineers & analysts.

We believe that a diversity of minds and methodologies is the key to unlocking unrealized potential for our clients. Our growing team is building the future of marketing intelligence. Join us.

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