Unmasking value for Hanacure

Operam’s paid social strategy revived a cult favorite natural skincare brand, strengthening customer acquisition and increasing e-commerce purchases from new and returning customers alike.


After a substantial sales increase due to pandemic-related shopping trends and A-list celebrity endorsements from Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore, and Kim + Kourtney Kardashian, Hanacure began to experience diminishing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and customer acquisition rates.

By refocusing paid social spending, optimizing Facebook + Instagram audiences, and extensive creative testing, Operam achieved three key goals:

  • Improving overall customer acquisition, specifically Prospecting ROAS
  • Identifying ad types that best resonated with Hanacure’s target audience
  • Scaling prospecting spend 3x

Operam audited Hanacure’s Facebook Pixel setup, resolved issues, and implemented Facebook’s Conversion API (via Shopify integration) to enhance attribution and efficiency. To pinpoint the most effective ads, we tested more than 80 creatives and ad types, ultimately focusing on top performers and eliminating those with the lowest ROAS.

Operam then diverted Facebook + Instagram advertising spend away from retargeting and retention audiences while significantly scaling spend on Prospecting audiences. This approach allowed Operam to use the incremental value in acquiring net new customers.

To improve ad performance and optimize delivery, we also consolidated campaigns and audiences, implementing seamless targeting exclusions across Prospecting, retargeting, and retention audiences.


Within a six-week period, we’d achieved the goals Hanacure had set for the quarter. Reaching a Prospecting ROAS of 2. We also scaled Prospecting spend by 100% and identified highly engaging and relevant ad types that drove efficiency conversions and customer acquisition.




Increased Prospecting ROAS


Scaled Prospecting spend

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