Applied Analytics driving ROAS for Streaming

Operam’s historical performance audit reveals need for revamped targeting ad audience strategy for a Partner’s new platform.

Leverage the Partner’s IP and first-party data resources to acquire customers at scale for their new streaming app, prioritizing incremental member signups and increased viewership among existing members.


A deep-dive analysis of historical performance data revealed a pattern of inefficient budget allocations that hurt ROI. Given short and rigid campaign flights, platforms were not given sufficient time to optimize their ad delivery, leading to suboptimal results.

As a solution, Operam’s Media Team designed an always-on UA initiative that provided the media continuity necessary for algorithms to optimize their delivery toward key converting audiences. The strategy had three core pillars:

  • Dynamic Product Ad  creative units via a Facebook alpha test leveraged a user’s historic Page activity to dynamically display recommended titles, avoiding the need to start and stop upon new title releases.
  • Operam used conversion-optimized video campaigns in order to further refine the algorithm’s understanding of audiences, cultivated by engaging title- and genre-specific creative variants.
  • Incrementality testing ensured our optimization of creative delivery and targeting yielded performance lifts to CPA.

Following an implementation of this insight-oriented evergreen approach, Operam saw CPAs drop by over 55%.