The AR Shopping Upgrade on Snapchat Points to the Future of Social Commerce

Ulta Beauty reported an increase in sales of $6 million after testing a new catalog-driven shopping lens and MAC Cosmetics reported an increase in female purchases of 17 times. It is another sign that social networks see a bright future in e-commerce with Snapchat’s new shopping features. Snap is among the pioneering social media companies … Continued

For Businesses Without a Need for Email, Google Will Make a Free Workspace Tier

As part of its Workspace suite, Google has launched Workspace Essentials Starter, a free offering. When using Exchange or Zoho, workers have access to tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Chat, etc. without switching to Gmail. This use case has long been replicated by employees using their Google accounts, but having an official product for it … Continued

Guide to Product Pricing: Understanding Pricing Before You Launch

The price you set for your products is one of the key decisions you will make as a business owner. It affects everything from cash flow to profit margins to the expenses you will be able to cover. In addition, it may affect your customers. Price sensitivity is one of the main drivers of pricing … Continued