Bringing Simple File Sharing to All

WeTransfer stands for doing one thing, and doing it really well. They have built an entire company off of the success of a single awesome product – fast, simple, and beautiful file sharing.

The people who know WeTransfer, love them. In fact, roughly half of them would go so far as to recommend us to a friend. However, unless somebody has a backpack full of files to send, they had very little reason to use WeTransfer upon first touch, and many fail to become a repeat visitor.

WeTransfer was adding a new set of tools to the creative toolkit and, in doing so, give users more reasons than they’ve ever had to get to know the brand.

We had to drive awareness to drive the success of this transition and on.

We developed a strategy for global search that: Connects people with the right WeTransfer tool for them as easily as possible, reinforces the WeTransfer product offering and reinforces the WeTransfer Brand story. We did this by focusing on click-throughs and search traffic and increasing visibility of organic results.


  • 44% Decrease in CPC MoM
  • 42% Increase in Google Search Conversions
  • 93% Decrease in WePresent CPCs (from previous quarter average)