Cost transparency via supply chain optimization

Operam worked with a Partner to implement transparent and exclusive programmatic deals, far exceeding the competition.

Operam’s mission was to maximize market lift derived from a limited investment for a major box office film. In order to inform future optimization, the Partner wanted to comparatively measure the impact of four parallel campaign efforts led by Operam, Conversant, IMDb, and ESPN. Their goal was to identify which strategy would prove most effective in driving Reach and ROAS.

To measure outcomes, Operam used Conversant’s Wallet Measurement solution, which taps into Epsilson’s Marketview database of movie-ticket transactional data. In particular, it analyzed opening weekend box office transactions in order to attribute conversions to tagged media campaigns., across both of the campaign’s key performance indicators, Operam’s programmatic efforts exceeded the competition significantly.

Following an implementation of this insight-oriented evergreen approach, Operam saw CPAs drop by over 55%.