Data-first Programmatic Built for Home Entertainment

User-level audience segmentation, diversified inventory, and exclusive partnerships combine to ensure a strong Home Entertainment release for a Partner.

Optimize awareness and intent among core audiences for the Partner’s Home Entertainment release,  to maximize conversions of physical home entertainment purchases, digital downloads, and in-home streaming with video placements.

The Operam team first qualified audiences based on viewership and other media consumption behaviors across linear & OTT. Next, A/B split testing frameworks were deployed to identify high-value targets, which were then scaled based on their contribution to success metrics.

To properly scale targeting and maximize cost efficiency, we sourced our Linear & OTT/CTV data inventory from a variety of sources, including a4’s national network, streaming, and MVPD (cable) partners. In addition, targeted app download and usage behaviors were used to inform audience segmentation.

Digital inventory was then secured through various programmatic video partners, each vetted to ensure fraud-free and brand-safe inventory, including exclusive partnerships with Disney, CNN, BBC, ESPN, and CBS News.

Our programmatic campaign delivered 8.3M impressions to over 2.5M unique Households, arriving at an average frequency of 3.3x. Our optimizations improved cost efficiency by 33% with exposed households generating a +338% greater conversion rate than non-exposed groups. While the typical programmatic outstream and instream video ad placements net out to an average CPM of $11, the campaign was able to achieve a cost efficient $7.42. All of this resulted in an improved ROAS of 3.79x, standard ROAS benchmark 1x.