Drive Reach Without Watchbait

Watchbait videos – essentially the video form of clickbait; watchbait videos have titles or captions that intentionally withhold information, sensationalize content, or mislead viewers in an attempt to lure or bait them into watching the full video.

In order to foster a healthy ecosystem of high quality content and publishers for video content, viewers need to see clearly written, accurate video titles and captions that help them decide how they want to spend their time through the use of captions and titles that inform and set accurate expectations. People expect the title and caption of a video to convey relatively accurately what the video is about; this helps them decide if they want to spend time watching it. 

  • Withholding – a tactic where a post intentionally omits key information in the video title or description to create an arbitrary curiosity gap that baits users into watching the video to understand the full context.
  • Sensationalism – a tactic where a post includes unnecessary exaggeration, extreme language or formatting cues (like all capitalization or excessive emojis) across video title, description, or thumbnail to entice users to watch the video.

Instead of relying on the intentional withholding of key information or sensationalizing the title, post headlines and captions in video description that set appropriate expectations and accurately describe the video someone is about to watch.

  • Use informative headlines and captions so people get a clear understanding of your video.
  • Add your own voice to help drive genuine conversation. This helps establish originality and authenticity in your content and enables people to decide how they want to spend their time with your post.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/formedia/blog/drive-reach-without-watchbait

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