Driving Incremental Purchase Value for a Fast Casual Restaurant

A fast casual restaurant focuses on having direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. That’s why they have built a performance driven ad strategy with Operam.

Our partner wanted to know how ad spend on Facebook was driving incremental value in acquiring new digital users and how to best improve ROAS.

The fast casual restaurant had been running highly successful ROAS positive user acquisition, retargeting, and retention campaigns on Facebook for a while. But understanding the incremental value of ad spend in acquiring a digital web purchaser was the next step to further driving growth.

Partnering with Operam Media and using Facebook’s conversion lift tests, Operam tested incremental web and app conversion lift on their core acquisition campaigns.

Using only pixel event data for purchase exclusions, the 3 week test drove an incremental sales lift of $36,845 and incremental ROAS lift of 1.02x. Essentially, acquiring a new digital user at the net cost of a salad bowl. giving our partner growth, and the ability to further drive LTV through free channels.