Driving Incremental Purchase Value for a Modern QSR with Facebook Ads

Working with Operam, a national salad restaurant saw great sales performance and strong Return on Ad Spend, but wanted to understand the incremental value.


Operam was running a successful customer acquisition strategy with The Partner, including paid social (Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok), paid search (Google, Apple), Programmatic ads, and working closely with our Growth Consulting team.

Our campaigns were driving positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), but The Partner wanted to understand the incremental value of the ads.

Operam designed a Facebook campaign to:

  • Drive positive ROAS
  • Determine the incremental value of acquiring new users with Facebook ads

To refine the Facebook/Instagram strategy, Operam partnered with Facebook’s Marketing Science team to test web and app lift on core prospecting campaigns.

Operam’s data experts leveraged Conversion Lift to capture the causal impact that Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network ads had on business performance. This methodology addressed several measurement challenges, such as an overreliance on click volume and the shift from desktop to mobile web and apps. Additionally, a randomization process helped assure reliable results by using test and control groups.

Operam also did a deep dive into the attributes of the existing customers. Then, we created Lookalike audiences based on qualities of the people in a source audience (ex. demographics and interests), and A/B tested performance.


Operam drove a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and incremental lift.
In three weeks, the Facebook ads resulted in +$35K incremental sales, and a ROAS lift above 1x. These results tripled over an eight weeks period, showing an increase in LTV for the Partner. This incremental growth for the Partner led them to expand their campaign to cover new markets to magnify the success.







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