Enabling a Studio Partner to Achieve Agency Independence

Operam implemented a multi-phase in-housing plan to not only enable a studio to achieve agency independence, but also improve performance and cost efficiency metrics across the board.


The Partner’s goal was to ultimately bring all media execution in-house. Their primary business objectives behind this was to improve performance and save on external agency fees.


Operam developed a multi-phased approach tailored to the Partner’s six-month timeline and unique needs.

Phase 1) Discovery

To understand the Partner’s needs, Operam conducted on-site interviews, shadowed team members, and audited previous campaign performances. From campaign execution and reporting to org charts and operations, Operam dove into every detail of their existing workflow. Operam delivered a summary and analysis that included a transition blueprint to address the Partner’s processes and structures moving forward.

Phase 2) Train and Transition

Interim Buying

Equipped with the knowledge of the Partner’s innerworkings, Operam seamlessly took on social buying for five campaigns, transitioning the Partner off their previous buying agency. This gave the Partner complete ownership of the campaigns and full visibility into Operam’s execution.

Campaigns outperformed the Partner’s benchmarks across all platforms. For instance, Facebook saw significant improvement in showtime lookup performance, while Snap generated above benchmark swipe up rates and below benchmark cost per swipe up.

Transition and Training

Coming out of Phase 1, Operam and the Partner reviewed the opportunities and risks, assessing how to evolve existing practices and structures to improve performance and efficiency, such as implementing robust audience testing and campaign QAs.

Once a new plan was agreed upon, Operam developed comprehensive onboarding and training materials. These detailed a 6-week program to train new hires in core areas, such as:

  • Principles of social buying
  • Platform training
  • Industry best practices
  • Audience management
  • Analytics and measurement
  • Conversions

Operam materials accounted for the Partner’s internal structure, processes, and workflow. Operam also provided tools and resources for smooth campaign execution (Templates, checklists, naming conventions,etc.) Operam also partnered in developing hiring support, such as ability “tests” for candidates.

Phase 3) Agency “Help Desk”
Operam remained a partner available to help as needed. This model allowed the Partner to leverage Operam on an as needed basis moving forward. For any overflow work, updates to best practices, or general strategy brainstorming sessions, Operam’s team was readily available.


Operam’s phased transition enabled the Partner to hire and train 3+ new employees by the end of Phase 2. These employees were trained to ultimately take on all buying responsibilities for campaigns.

The Partner reported 19% improvement to CPM efficiencies since the in-house team kicked off. And with Operam’s help, The Partner implemented refined processes and structures, fostering efficiencies in campaign management, noting they are able to move “five times faster in launching new assets to market, changing audience segments or targeting parameters.”

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