Engineering New Growth Opportunities for a SaaS Leader

An established SaaS company turned to Operam to grow its user base and expand awareness beyond its best-known product—while maintaining the brand’s commitment to data protection.


Due to its industry-leading core product and its focus on consumer privacy, the Partner already enjoyed excellent brand awareness among its target market of creatives. However, the Partner was synonymous with its core product, a freemium offering that lacked incentives for repeat usage. This SaaS company had much more to offer, but high CPAs and privacy concerns had substantially limited their results.
Using a mix of marketing strategy, growth consulting, paid social, paid search, programmatic advertising, and creative services, Operam set out to accomplish three goals:

  • Expand awareness of the Partner’s offerings, including a full product suite and a paid version of the core product.
  • Increase paid users instead of freemium users.
  • Decrease CPAs to improve the Partner’s overall return.

The Partner had previously run branding and awareness campaigns, which resulted in moderate success. However, this SaaS company was new to growth marketing and somewhat hesitant to implement standard tracking technology due to privacy concerns.

To overcome these initial challenges, the Operam team first focused on education and deep partnership. We advised the Partner about:

  • Growth marketing best practices
  • Implementing tracking while maintaining a commitment to data protection
  • Improving processes and user flow

Operam then prioritized increasing product and brand awareness. To improve awareness of both the brand and the product suite, we relied on a combination of Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Next, we concentrated on growing the Partner’s paid subscriber base. To drive conversions, we relied on Facebook, Instagram, Search, and programmatic advertising.

Our brand search campaigns performed particularly well, as we increased visibility of organic results by focusing on click-throughs and search traffic. We also retargeted users who had adopted the freemium product with ads for the paid product.

Throughout this partnership, we continually analyzed results and adjusted our approach as necessary. Our dynamic campaign optimizations resulted in lower CPMs and better CPAs, while our landing page tests informed key performance improvements to the mobile signup page.

To decrease CPAs on Facebook and Instagram, we optimized targeting. We tested various segments of first-party audiences to find top performers. In an effort to expand targeting to relevant groups, we leveraged lookalikes. Retargeting existing customers with new products and identifying untapped interest-based audiences proved particularly successful.

As part of our creative services, our team tested multiple asset types and messaging strategies for the Partner’s products. We identified the messaging and CTAs that drove the most conversions and iterated on the assets and creative sizes that resulted in the best performance.


Operam’s digital marketing and advertising strategy generated incredible results for the Partner. Conversion volume outpaced projections by 3906% by EOY. Our campaigns increased U.S. paid users by 21% and paid user usage. We achieved a 93% decrease in CPCs for the freemium product, and our paid search and social campaigns decreased CPAs by TBD for the paid core product.







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