Improving Q4 Sales by +50% for Outdoor Voices

Operam’s digital advertising strategy boosted online purchases from new and returning customers, energizing a successful holiday shopping season.


Heading into Q4 and a critical holiday shopping season, Outdoor Voices needed a digital performance marketing strategy to increase online sales and improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

By leveraging media buying platforms across social (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), search (Google, Bing), Programmatic (Native and Display placements) in conjunction with optimizing email capture and creative testing, Operam achieved two main goals:

  • Driving incremental sales lift during peak holiday season
  • Dynamically optimizing creative ad rotations based on inventory and product promotions

Operam revamped target audiences and simplified campaign structures to increase cost efficiencies around distribution as well as reducing ad fatigue. For Native and Display campaigns, Operam leveraged 1st + 3rd party behavioral and transactional audiences to increase exposure among high purchase intent customers.

Operam also conducted a series of creative tests to determine an ideal placement mix across Web, Tablet, and Mobile across all paid media platforms, optimizing for overall frequency + recency control and ROAS.

Lastly, as a continued evergreen approach, Operam spearheaded efforts for additional prospecting and retention efforts to not only increase the overall size of Outdoor Voices’s 1st party audiences, but also to optimize referral + promotion initiatives to increase the overall Lifetime Value (LTV) of their customer base.


Over a three-month period, Operam’s digital advertising campaigns drove impressive results for the Outdoor Voices. Our Facebook Ads campaigns achieved a 72% Return on Ad Spend increase YoY, and we achieved 9x Return on Ad Spend across Native and Display placements. Our Google Shopping campaigns generated 2x Return on Ad Spend, and we drove 55% more conversions YoY with 18% less budget on Google.







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