Front-end Engineer

Bratislava, Slovakia

We are Operam and we are developing algorithms that are being used to distribute Oscar-winning titles across all digital media. We use state-of-the-art technologies to build beautiful products. Not just fancy words, we have metrics that speak for us.

We have high standards and high expectations. Here, everyone has a direct influence on the direction of our products. We really care about our team and we always make sure that every new person brings additional knowledge to the company. In return, you will work very closely with some of the smartest people — ex-CTOs of successful startups, traders from hedge funds and recognized experts on machine learning.

Job description

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer to join our team. You'll be part of our global engineering team, which builds products that help manage and optimize ad targeting and purchasing. You will work closely with our Product Designer, Product Manager and Software Engineering teams to build and implement new features and user interfaces in our products. Our tools are used by some of the biggest studios in Hollywood, and you'll have a direct impact on the marketing and release of major motion pictures. We're proud to work with a modern technology stack and with some of the biggest, most exciting technology companies in the industry. Our goal is to optimize buying & matching algorithms, apply data science and machine learning principles, and wrap that technology in beautiful and easy-to-understand dashboards and visualizations to enable better and more efficient decision making.

Most of our code is written in JavaScript ES6 or Python 3. Our frontend is written on React and our backend is based on Express and Flask. We use PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redshift to store data, and AWS/Google Cloud to process it.

We believe that writing code is equal parts science and art, and look for candidates that can write beautiful and efficient code. We love people that are multi-talented and can think about the product from multiple angles - people that are as comfortable talking about the best way to ingest data in a rate-limited environment as talk about the impact a new button may have on usability. Every member of our team plays an integral part in the product lifecycle, and are excited to build the next generation of marketing and analytics tools.


We believe that each person is unique and have a different set of skills and experiences that are important for each role. So it is hard to tell what your salary is going to be before we get to know you. However, we will make sure, that you are going to be paid what you are worth. Our salary range starts at $3,000/month.


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