Looker supercharged - powered by Panoramic

Leveled-up LookML

Transformation meets marketing intelligence

Explore your data with business context

Connect to your B.I. tool of choice, like Looker

Configure dynamic data transformations to automatically generate Lookml

Set alerts for key metrics across multiple campaigns, and use those thresholds to build looks

Why Looker and Panoramic

Code-free mapping and modeling

Model data sources and map across platforms

Data in your own words

Augment LookML scripts by defining custom terms and business logic

Contextual insights

Dynamic benchmarks and goal setting help automate takeaways and save time

Tyler DiNapoli, President Bleecker Street

“Certain social platforms hadn’t performed for us on the last few titles. Unfortunately, we didn’t know they weren’t performing or that the perceived audience was solely interested in the content portion, until it was too late. With Panoramic, we see shifts right away and immediately adjust spend, targeting, and creative as needed.”

Regan Przybyl, SVP, Digital Media UAR

“Implementing Panoramic led to an almost immediate leveling up of our day-to-day business, because we had the tools to speak the same language, work on the same platform and see the same data in real time.”

Data Modeling

Code-free cleaning and shaping of your raw, fragmented data

Data Mapping

Easily join sources and map terms to create one universal data language

Data Definition

Define custom terms in one place while integrating with your existing B.I. tools

Dynamic Benchmarking

Out-of-the-box historical comparisons, or create benchmarks for instant context

Goal Setting

Set it and forget it alerts let you automatically monitor key performance metrics

Automated Insight

Dig deeper into the "why" with quick takeaways on your campaign performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a data transformation solution?

Panoramic makes it easy to transform your data, including cleaning up poorly named fields, grouping common entities together, and combining data from different sources to ensure clean, accurate data can be visualized in your B.I. tool.

How do you integrate with Looker?

We have built specific connectors for Looker, as well as other popular visualization tools on the market. Within Panoramic, you can structure your queried data then visualize it in Looker simply by copying and directly pasting a unique link provided by Panoramic.

How does Panoramic work?

Panoramic integrates with your cloud data warehouse and data pipeline to dynamically map, model, clean, organize, and transform your data to surface key business metrics. Panoramic saves engineers, analysts, and marketers a ton of time that was typically spent writing custom SQL queries or running one-off reports.

What can I do in Panoramic that I can't do in my visualization tool?

Within Panoramic, you can connect to multiple data sources, clean and prep your data, combine, structure and calculate key business metrics then securely apply any proprietary benchmarks. Within your B.I. tool, you can directly choose your visuals, chart type, colors, or add images to charts.

Do I need a visualization tool to use Panoramic?

No, you don’t need to. Panoramic has lightweight visualizations like tables, line charts, bar graphs, pie charts, and more that easily visualize your newly structured data to embed within reports or simply to gain insights. For more advanced visualizations or animations, however, we suggest using a visualization tool like Looker.

Do I have to be a marketer to use Panoramic?


Panoramic was built with the marketer and analyst in mind, however our data transformation solution works for anyone who needs to map and model a large volume of reporting data, without writing a line of code. Please contact our Sales team at sales@panoramichq.com or request a demo to learn more.



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