Marketing Intelligence

Benchmark Your Data

Real Context. In Real-time.

Panoramic's out-of-the-box benchmarks give instant context to your performance

Or create custom comparisons from historical marketing data

Quickly compare your performance against fixed or dynamic time periods to better understand trends 

Monitor Your Data

Lightweight performance tracking.

Highlight metrics you most care about, receiving alerts when performance is above or below custom thresholds

Save time by creating one performance alert that applies to multiple platforms

Event-triggered notifications enable hands-off, ongoing monitoring of your data

Insights into Your Data.

Understand your data's journey.

Instant takeaways on current and historical marketing data, including your best and worst performing creative

Maximize your time spent doing real analysis, digging deeper into the "why"

Embed your insights easily within reports or visualize them within your existing communications and B.I. tools

Bridge the gaps within your marketing stack.