Raising Brand Awareness for a Skin Care Company

In a market filled with skin care designed to help us look and feel our best, how can a new beauty company stand out? With help from Operam, of course.


A beauty company geared toward skin care needed to increase their brand awareness.

In order to increase The Partner’s market share, Operam recognized the key was education – educating new customers on the company, its products, and the benefits they provide.


To build The Partner’s brand voice and brand recognition, we developed a full-funnel, cross-channel strategy that showed how their skin care products are superior to competitors’ products. A mixture of creative ad placements and ad units increased brand awareness and drove sales.

To find the most targetable and profitable audiences, we restructured existing Facebook and Instagram campaigns with proper exclusions while testing new lookalike campaigns and interest campaigns. These helped us find the most opportunity to scale.

Aggressive audience testing using Google’s Custom Intent, Custom Affinity, Topics, and more significantly increased brand awareness in 3 months. We also targeted people searching for similar items on YouTube to attract and convert new customers at a profitable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

To quickly scale in top-of-funnel campaigns, we created User-Generated Content compilation videos for our direct-response content. We also removed barriers to purchase in bottom-of-funnel campaigns by segmenting audiences and aligning messaging, highlighting certain value props based on where customers were in the funnel.

Since we normally see lower CPMs in remarketing on Snapchat, we leveraged the platform to retarget customers and achieved a high ROAS bottom-of-funnel.


We have generated stronger Clickthrough Rates and Return on Ad Spend, 33% ROAS increase on paid social, 2.1x ROAS maintained with scale on paid search, and 42% increase in clicks MoM.







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