Re/Done and the Power of Google

Optimizing Revenue and ROAS on the World’s Dominant Platform

Our Client

Re/Done is the first luxury label that was born online and grown as an e-commerce brand. The company began by upcycling vintage Levi’s into modern fits, employing preloved raw goods to create brand new styles while extending the life of stagnant stock. They’ve since expanded into other heritage brands for a sustainable – and hip – business model.

Our Goal

Re/Done came to Operam with a goal to increase revenue and ROAS with Google Ads. The company was tracking on a successful path, but they felt that could level up on revenue, while maintaining a predetermined ROAS.

Our Process

It’s not uncommon for digital advertisers to increase their spending when sales start to trickle in; the more you send, the more sales you’ll generate, right? Well, yes, maybe, but that’s not how to play the game. You need to keep your eye on ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), because if you don’t, spending more will just drive down ROAS, and that’s a bad thing. From the start of our partnership with Re/Done, we brought everyone on board as it relates to efficiency. Using the ROAS benchmark, the team at Re/Done began to understand (and approve) how we could allocate more budget and scale spend, while maintaining our ROAS goals. Our experienced Google team deployed solid tactics to increase revenue while maintaining ROAS. It’s like the guy says when setting up the sound equipment: “Test, test, test.”  We:

  • Created an iterative Google Shopping campaign to gain more insight into the highest-performing content
  • A/B tested brand value prop hooks vs. attention-grabbing copy hooks, creative hooks, as well as keyword testing
  • Tested different top-of-funnel URLs to determine if landing pages or the homepage converted at a higher rate

The testing proved valuable. We identified specifically that value prop messaging outperformed attention-grabbing copy hooks and swapping out the visual creative hooks made the most significant impact. We also concluded that sending traffic to the bottom-of-funnel landing page (leading directly to the products shown in the ad), as opposed to the homepage (where the shopper must search for products across the website), was the most profitable.

Our Results

Nothing short of spectacular. Operam blew past expectations by achieving growth and efficiency even during prospecting campaigns as well as significant and sustainable revenue growth. These results far exceeded Re/Done’s original business goals.







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