Connected TV Advertising

The future of Video and TV Advertising is CTV.

Connected TV: Modern TV Advertising made Effective.

Premium content through streaming apps, smart TVs or over-the-top devices to convert your targeted users

Gain more control over your TV advertising by leveraging 1st party data, frequency and recency control, and contextual targeting
Direct access to premium networks, data, and providers.  
Target your key customers across a variety of devices and platforms. Work with partners like Hulu, Roku, Sling and More.

Break through performance Plateaus with Connected TV Advertising

Reaching the Cord Cutters

TV Advertising the way it should be: Data-driven, cost efficient, and effective. Have full control over your TV Advertising with real-time and agile buy optimizations. Pay less to achieve more.

Your Business Vertical Matters

“One size fits all” is not in our ideology, we understand that each business vertical possesses unique best practices that can take years to perfect.

Partner and Platform Agnostic

Access premium data and rich placements while leveraging the best in class solutions and technology partners that fit your business objectives.

Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist and Head of Media at Twentieth Century Fox

"Operam has proven invaluable at demonstrating lift in digital marketing campaigns through integration of previously untapped data sources, highlighting the signal from the noise, and building upon their experience to jointly determine the best strategy and tactics at a dizzying pace."

Bob Berney, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Amazon Studios

“Working with Operam has allowed us the ability to place our content in front of extremely targeted audiences, often enabling us to broaden our reach through further conversation and organic engagement. They dive into the data and provide useful recommendations and analysis that provide insight as we shape our strategy.”

Audience Data

Discover more about your customers by activating first and third party audience segments.

Media Planning & Buying

Dedicated Connected TV media experts to drive your advertising campaigns.

Frequency Management

Full control over your frequency and recency of CTV Ads to optimize for Ad Recall and Brand Sentiment.

Attribution & Measurement

Leverage actionable insights from your Connected TV Campaigns, providing valuable customer feedback to inform iterative creative development and overall digital targeting strategies

Premium Partners

Direct access to premium partners like Sling, Hulu, Vudu, Samsung, Roku and more.

Integrated Streaming Ad Experiences

Create deeper engagement. Leverage high impact and innovative creative assets built for the home entertainment screen.

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