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Convert Online Browsing into Online Shopping

Media Mix

We start by analyzing your data to map out your customer journey using the data to identify the peaks and valleys of performance. We identify what data exists, how that data is structured, and just as importantly, what required data does not yet exist.


We benchmark your performance to identify and prioritize the future efforts that will maximize the impact to your bottom line, not vanity metrics that make your agency look best. We plan for two outcomes: efficiency and scale. Spending money unprofitably is not conducive long-term success, so we focus on your unit economics first, then for methods to scale once you’ve achieved unit KPI profitability.

Test & Analyze

Optimum performance comes from spending on the backs of tried-and-tested winners, so in this phase we test multiple variants to find profitable pathways to success, and understand what is driving that efficiency - from creative to media optimizations to onsite CRO to lifecycle marketing hooks. Testing never ends.


Champion test variants are promoted and used to drive scale. This is where spend efficiency is scaled up to drive high-volume, bottom-line results. Results need to be real - we don’t pad our stats with branded search or short-term fixes - long-term incrementality is king.

eCommerce Expertise

We are leaders across Shopify and WooCommerce, putting us in a position to partner with you to achieve your goals.

Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist and Head of Media at Twentieth Century Fox

"Operam has proven invaluable at demonstrating lift in digital marketing campaigns through integration of previously untapped data sources, highlighting the signal from the noise, and building upon their experience to jointly determine the best strategy and tactics at a dizzying pace."    

Bob Berney, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Amazon Studios

“Working with Operam has allowed us the ability to place our content in front of extremely targeted audiences, often enabling us to broaden our reach through further conversation and organic engagement. They dive into the data and provide useful recommendations and analysis that provide insight as we shape our strategy.”    

Audience Data

Discover more about your customers by activating first and third party audience segments.

Media Planning & Buying

Dedicated Connected TV media experts to drive your advertising campaigns.

Frequency Management

Full control over your frequency and recency of CTV Ads to optimize for Ad Recall and Brand Sentiment.

Attribution & Measurement

Leverage actionable insights from your Connected TV Campaigns, providing valuable customer feedback to inform iterative creative development and overall digital targeting strategies

Premium Partners

Direct access to premium partners like Sling, Hulu, Vudu, Samsung, Roku and more.

Integrated Streaming Ad Experiences

Create deeper engagement. Leverage high impact and innovative creative assets built for the home entertainment screen.

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