Grow your brand on the open internet

Capturing the attention of audiences along their digital journey

Expand your Reach and Maximize your Engagement

Seamlessly integrate into consumer behaviors across Display, Video, Native, Audio, and Mobile

Maximize your reach and engagement across multiple devices and platforms
Transparent Supply Chain: Direct access to over 200+ curated and whitelisted supply partners
Activate high value 1st and 3rd party data segments across multiple platforms to maximize ROAS

Success through Programmatic

Industry-leading Channel Experts

Operam’s team of Programmatic experts combine deep domain knowledge, technology, and creativity to maximize your business results. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate advertising waste, transactional inefficiencies, and fraud to maximize media investments.

Your Business Vertical Matters

“One size fits all” is not in our ideology, we understand that each business vertical possesses unique best practices that can take years to perfect.

Partner and Platform Agnostic

Access premium data and rich placements while leveraging the best in class solutions and technology partners that fit your business objectives.

Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist and Head of Media at Twentieth Century Fox

"Operam has proven invaluable at demonstrating lift in digital marketing campaigns through integration of previously untapped data sources, highlighting the signal from the noise, and building upon their experience to jointly determine the best strategy and tactics at a dizzying pace."  

Bob Berney, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Amazon Studios

“Working with Operam has allowed us the ability to place our content in front of extremely targeted audiences, often enabling us to broaden our reach through further conversation and organic engagement. They dive into the data and provide useful recommendations and analysis that provide insight as we shape our strategy.”  

Media Planning

Based on your business objectives, our dedicated team of media professionals will put together a customized programmatic stack and data-driven plan to maximize awareness, engagement, and transactions.

Media Buying

Taking a holistic approach to both audience and placement planning, we will maximize your ad spend across a variety of placements from Video to Native to address any potential gaps in the media strategy. Amplify your digital strategy and brand by reaching audiences beyond traditional search and social platforms.


Leverage programmatic buying algorithms to maximize ROAS based on fully defined and mapped conversion events for your business

Strategic Targeting

Data-driven feedback loop to drive campaign performance:
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Developing Best Practices/Benchmarks
  • Forecasted Signals
  • Audience/Behavioral Analytics
  • Creative Analytics
  • Site Analytics
  • Data Analytics

Programmatic Audit and Measurement

Our comprehensive marketing audit assesses the fitness of programmatic marketing initiatives as measured by three key indicators: dollar value, media value, and data value.

Frequency Control

Full control of optimization levers to manage the numbers of ads served per hour, day, week, or time until purchase to maximize brand sentiment, ad recall, and transaction value.

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