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Drive Sales Via an eCommerce Giant

How it works

Amazon Advertising leverages paid media opportunities across the online retailer’s website, app, and partner sites. With Amazon Ads, you can drive discovery, increase sales, cultivate loyal customers, and grow your business using the platform that claims half of ecommerce market share in the U.S.

What we do

Operam develops full-funnel Amazon Advertising campaigns designed to meet your unique business goals. But we don’t stop with campaign development and implementation. We also conduct comprehensive measurement studies that focus on meaningful metrics—and we provide insights to move your business forward.

Why you’ll love it

With Amazon Advertising, you can optimize your ecommerce strategy to drive incremental sales and maximize category market share. With a successful Amazon Ads strategy, you can target every stage of the customer journey:

  • Awareness: Increase visibility and introduce your brand to shoppers browsing products similar to yours.
  • Consideration: Connect with customers and stay top-of-mind as they shop on Amazon or partner websites.

Conversion: Reach high-intent customers and drive sales while closely controlling your advertising costs.




Across all types of campaigns, verticals, and business goals.



Operam is familiar with budgets of all sizes, and can recommend the best Amazon campaign for your business to reach your marketing goals.



Average improvement for clients on their Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM) Efficiencies is 19% over their previous agency.

A new brand. A new product. A new market. So how do you launch and grow a product that needs to overcome initial concerns of state/DMV legality, durability, and is currently limited to two states. All on a budget that keeps cash flowing and investors happy?


Starting with Facebook as a testing ground, Operam spent small across multiple audiences, leaning into performance. Optimizing each stage of the conversion funnel to make sure every part of the user journey was operating efficiently and delivering the lowest possible CPA.

Once results were achieved within the platform, Operam expanded efforts to Search, Programmatic, and YouTube. Helping drive legitimacy, awareness and capture interest/purchase intent.

Creative + Audience Testing

Starting with a ‘learn to earn’ method (until there’s enough sales to learn from the earn), Operam tested a range of ad creative, finding key messages that resonated with different audiences. Once the best media placements, audiences, and creative were identified, iterations of these top performers were developed. In other words, created more of what worked to make sure that as we scaled, we’d use the most cost-effective assets. Over 50 different ads have been tested and iterated upon to find the best ‘thumb stopper’, click driving creative. In addition, using highly relevant creative helped drive high comment engagement, giving further insight into addressable friction points on the path to purchase.

Landing Pages

Landing pages reinforced and expanded upon initial messaging, leading consumers through an education flow, increasing conversion rates by up.

Quiz flows LPs also helped engage and educate consumers with interactive stages. Taking them further down the funnel, resulting in a 20% increase in CTR and similar purchase conversion rates to other pages. Helping improve purchase consideration in retargeting efforts.

  • 133%

    Average month on month sales growth.

  • -76%

    in CPA over 3 the last months

  • 3.3%

    average ad CTR over the past 3 months

Dawson Shamblin, VP E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Rodan + Fields

"Operam helped increase our return on ad spend by 300% during the time we worked together. Their team's willingness to be strategic, flexible, and helpful helped us grow our new business unit. We were impressed with the quality of the engagement."

Sean Bacastow, Director of Marketing at Represent

“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!”

Amazon Advertising FAQ

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising lets you position your business on an online retail platform that drives more than $125 billion in sales revenue per quarter. With Amazon Ads, you can showcase your brand and products to a customer base of 150 million mobile app users and 150 million Prime members.

As a cost-per-click (CPC) platform, Amazon Ads only charges you when a customer clicks your sponsored content. As an Amazon advertiser, you can choose from these ad types:

  • Sponsored Brands: Drive awareness and discovery by advertising your brand in Amazon shopping results—and taking shoppers directly to your store or product page.
  • Sponsored Products: Maximize visibility and connect with high-intent customers by advertising individual items in shopping results and on product pages.
  • Sponsored Display: Connect with your target audience on and off Amazon by placing display ads on the Amazon home page, product detail pages, or partner websites.
  • Online Video Ads: Reach shoppers with instream and outstream video ads across the internet via Amazon Publisher Services and third-party ad exchanges.
  • Streaming TV ads: Feature your brand alongside premium streaming content including movies and linear TV on broadcast and network apps.

Who should run Amazon Ads?

Businesses that sell ecommerce products on Amazon should use this advertising platform. Amazon Ads can help you stand out among nearly 2 million sellers while reaching customers who are already searching for the types of products you’re selling.

With select ad types, you can even remarket to customers who have already engaged with your product or store. You can also use Amazon’s pre-built segments to market to customers based on first-party shopping data.

How can an agency help?

You can gain valuable insights and increased conversions by successfully managing Amazon product data and paid media campaigns. Yet leveraging Amazon Advertising effectively requires both an in-depth understanding of the platform’s tools and algorithms and advanced testing and measurement capabilities.

Operam provides the knowledge and analysis you need to succeed with Amazon Advertising. Partnering with Operam enables advertisers to fine-tune Amazon strategies and identify opportunities for continued growth.

Why Operam?

Operam’s team of Amazon experts has managed campaigns for large and small businesses across verticals. Our differentiators include:

  • Product Positioning: We create Amazon storefronts and manage brand messaging to highlight your value proposition and product benefits.
  • Full-Funnel Approach: We target customers at every stage of the funnel by developing Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Product Display ads.
  • Continuous Testing: We never stop testing new keywords, creatives, and strategies to optimize your key performance indicators (KPIs) and increase sales.
  • Measurement Studies: We conduct measurement studies to assess lift, ad recall, and other metrics that matter to your business so you can reach your goals.

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“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!” - Represent

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