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How it works

Advertising Analytics leverages market research and campaign performance data to provide valuable insights into your workflows, audiences, and strategies. With Advertising Analytics, your team can use data to make marketing decisions and reach business goals more effectively.

What we do

Operam uses cutting-edge technology and advanced expertise to produce Advertising Analytics. We rely on Precept to conduct surveys and administer panels, and we use social monitoring tools to generate social intelligence reports. Our Analytics offers an in-depth understanding of campaign results and provide the insights you need to move the needle.

Why you’ll love it

Analytics evaluates campaign outcomes and identifies high-performing tactics so you know what’s working and why. Advertisers can benefit from:

  • Historical Context: Campaign results reveal much more when you consider them in context. We benchmark your data against past performance so you can understand trends and changes.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Guesswork isn’t necessary when you have reliable data to drive your campaigns. We provide you with the analytics you need to make smarter decisions for your business.
  • Continuous Optimization: Investing in Analytics offers ongoing value. We conduct studies and provide intelligence so you can continuously improve your strategy over time.
How it works

Twitter Advertising distributes paid media across a social channel that boasts substantial influence. With Twitter Ads, you can reach an engaged base of approximately 190 million monetizable daily active users (mDAUs), the majority of whom are college-educated and above-average earners.

What we do

Operam has extensive experience leveraging Twitter’s paid media opportunities, building valuable audiences, and producing measurable results. As Twitter Advertising experts, our team has developed and executed data-driven, conversion-focused media plans across industries and objectives.

Why you’ll love it

Twitter lets advertisers use a variety of audience targeting options to achieve key business goals:

  • Demographic Data: Tap into location, age, gender, and device data to reach users who match your ideal customer profile.
  • Twitter Audiences: Use prebuilt data segments to connect with users based on engagement, interests, and keywords.
  • First-Party Segments: Upload your own data so you can remarket to lower-funnel prospects and loyal customers alike.



Across all types of campaigns, verticals, and business goals.



Operam is familiar with budgets of all sizes, and can recommend the best campaigns for your business to reach your marketing goals.



Average improvement for clients on their Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM) Efficiencies is 19% over their previous agency.

Leverage the Partner’s IP and first-party data resources to acquire customers at scale for their new streaming app, prioritizing incremental member signups and increased viewership among existing members.


A deep-dive analysis of historical performance data revealed a pattern of inefficient budget allocations that hurt ROI. Given short and rigid campaign flights, platforms were not given sufficient time to optimize their ad delivery, leading to suboptimal results.

As a solution, Operam’s Media Team designed an always-on UA initiative that provided the media continuity necessary for algorithms to optimize their delivery toward key converting audiences. The strategy had three core pillars:

Dynamic Product Ad  creative units via a Facebook alpha test leveraged a user’s historic Page activity to dynamically display recommended titles, avoiding the need to start and stop upon new title releases.

Operam used conversion-optimized video campaigns in order to further refine the algorithm’s understanding of audiences, cultivated by engaging title- and genre-specific creative variants.

Incrementality testing ensured our optimization of creative delivery and targeting yielded performance lifts to CPA.


Following an implementation of this insight-oriented evergreen approach, Operam saw CPAs drop by over 55%.

  • >55%

    CPA drop

Dawson Shamblin, VP E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Rodan + Fields

"Operam helped increase our return on ad spend by 300% during the time we worked together. Their team's willingness to be strategic, flexible, and helpful helped us grow our new business unit. We were impressed with the quality of the engagement."

Sean Bacastow, Director of Marketing at Represent

“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!”

Analytics FAQ

What is Advertising Analytics?

Advertising Analytics relies on a mix of lift studies and social intelligence tools to understand results in context, measure your brand against competitors, and recommend campaign improvements. We offer both automated and tailor-made reporting to meet your needs. Our solutions include:

  • Brand Focus Study: Combine brand and competitive research to assess health, review the landscape, and evaluate awareness and intent.
  • Market Lift Study: Review the effects of awareness campaigns and incorporate omni-channel, multi-touch attribution insights.
  • Creative Concept Test: A/B test creative concepts and assets against controls to identify the optimal strategy in an organic environment.
  • Social Intelligence Report: Leverage conversation monitoring to analyze and optimize campaign creatives, messaging, and strategy.

Who can benefit from Advertising Analytics?

Businesses committed to staying ahead of shifts in customer behavior, markets, verticals, and platform efficacy can benefit from Advertising Analytics. Because this solution can improve paid media performance and enhance decision-making, Advertising Analytics is also critical for businesses seeking to level up. With its combination of industry-leading tools and expert insights, analytics gives advertisers essential takeaways for maintaining a competitive edge.

How can an agency help?

Using small business technology and native analytics tools can only tell advertisers so much about campaign impacts. Operam uses enterprise-level analytics tools to source and review all the data you need to make decisions.

With the help of our technology partners, we can use first-party data to curate custom panels for market research. We also provide agile measurements and generate polling with a moment’s notice so you always have the insights you need.

Why Operam?

Operam takes a unique approach to Advertising Analytics. Here’s what you can expect from working with us:

  • Primary Research: Using Precept technology, we provide clients with the ability to reach their target customers and study the market landscape. We provide efficiency, precision, and agility that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Applied Analytics: We help you make the most of your data, whether it’s historical or real-time. We put your data to work with a blend of performance audits, personalized benchmarking, and social intelligence reports.
  • Data Science Consultancy: Our team and partners review your organization's needs and capacities to provide custom solutions and data models that meet your goals and drive your business forward.

Contact Operam today to get started with Advertising Analytics. From real-time, multi-channel reporting to social intelligence and lift studies, our team is here to help.


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“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!” - Represent

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