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How it works

Facebook Advertising leverages the world’s largest social platform, which tallies nearly 3 billion monthly active users. An essential part of virtually any digital marketing mix, Facebook gives advertisers access to sophisticated audience targeting and cost-effective campaign objectives.

What we do

As a Facebook Business Partner, Operam has an exemplary track record and extensive experience with data-driven initiatives. We develop Facebook Ads campaigns across industries and objectives—ranging from brand awareness to leads and sales.

You will love it because

Facebook Advertising captures attention and prompts action across the sales funnel. With Facebook, you can reach business goals including:

  • Driving discovery and expanding reach with demographic, interest, and behavioral targeting
  • Engaging your audience and generating valuable leads with a wide range of retargeting tools
  • Improving conversions, selling products, and cultivating loyalty with first-person data segments





Across all types of campaigns, verticals, and business goals.



Operam is familiar with budgets of all sizes, and can recommend the best Facebook campaign for your business to reach your marketing goals.



Average improvement for clients on their Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM) Efficiencies is 19% over their previous agency.

After a substantial sales increase due to pandemic-related shopping trends and A-list celebrity endorsements from Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore, and Kim + Kourtney Kardashian, Hanacure began to experience diminishing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and customer acquisition rates. By refocusing paid social spending, optimizing Facebook + Instagram audiences, and extensive creative testing, Operam achieved three key goals: Improving overall customer acquisition, specifically Prospecting ROAS Identifying ad types that best resonated with Hanacure’s target audience Scaling prospecting spend 3x


Operam audited Hanacure’s Facebook Pixel setup, resolved issues, and implemented Facebook’s Conversion API (via Shopify integration) to enhance attribution and efficiency. To pinpoint the most effective ads, we tested more than 80 creatives and ad types, ultimately focusing on top performers and eliminating those with the lowest ROAS. Operam then diverted Facebook + Instagram advertising spend away from retargeting and retention audiences while significantly scaling spend on Prospecting audiences. This approach allowed Operam to use the incremental value in acquiring net new customers. To improve ad performance and optimize delivery, we also consolidated campaigns and audiences, implementing seamless targeting exclusions across Prospecting, retargeting, and retention audiences.


Within a six-week period, we’d achieved the goals Hanacure had set for the quarter. Reaching a Prospecting ROAS of 2. We also scaled Prospecting spend by 100% and identified highly engaging and relevant ad types that drove efficiency conversions and customer acquisition.

  • 2x

    Target ROAS

  • 16%

    Increase of Target ROAS

  • 100%

    Scaled Spend

Dawson Shamblin, VP E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Rodan + Fields

"Operam helped increase our return on ad spend by 300% during the time we worked together. Their team's willingness to be strategic, flexible, and helpful helped us grow our new business unit. We were impressed with the quality of the engagement."

Sean Bacastow, Director of Marketing at Represent

“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!”

Facebook FAQ

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ads allow you to place paid media in front of your ideal customers. You can reach the right people at the right time on Facebook with a combination of demographic data, behavioral targeting, first-party segments, and lookalike opportunities. With Facebook Pixels and SDKs (software development kits), you can even track leads, signups, app installs, and sales across your website and mobile app. Because Facebook Ads budgeting is so flexible, you can adjust ad spend in real time. Facebook Advertising campaigns can include any or all of these ad types:

  • Image: Cost-effective ads for driving awareness and recall
  • Video: Highly engaging ads for storytelling and infotainment
  • Carousel: Scrollable formats for showing ecommerce products + features
  • Collection: Ecommerce ads designed for discovery and sales
  • Instant Experience: Full-screen immersive environments for mobile users

Who should advertise on Facebook?

Businesses that make money advertise digitally. There’s a good chance your competition is already using Facebook and your target market is looking for you there. Since this platform has such a massive user base, you can’t afford not to advertise on Facebook. Because Facebook Advertising is integrated with Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, your business can seamlessly expand its reach to customers across platforms.

How can an agency help?

Advertisers appreciate that Facebook campaigns are easy to create—at least in theory. In practice, choosing goals, building audiences, measuring performance, and scaling campaigns requires expertise and experimentation. Working with an agency like Operam helps you get the most out of your Facebook Ads. We partner with you to reach growth-focused goals like achieving brand lift, improving conversions, and maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS).

Why Operam?

At Operam, we plan, execute, and optimize successful Facebook Advertising campaigns. We use data-driven models to provide advanced targeting solutions and leverage analytics to develop campaigns aligned with your business goals. Our proprietary benchmarks clarify how your business stacks up in terms of industry, platform, or objective. Operam’s audience-centric methodology enables us to partner with clients across industries and business stages. Our process is informed by experts with experience in your vertical, data in your industry, and a playbook designed especially for your business. Our approach to Facebook Ads incorporates these key steps:

  1. We begin by gaining an understanding of your unique business goals and challenges.
  2. If you have a target budget, we use our benchmarks to provide a media model showing potential results.
  3. If you have target goals, we use our benchmarks to project a realistic budget.
  4. We build audience targeting based on your input and our own internal research.
  5. We collaborate on a testing roadmap to refine messaging, creative assets, and audience targeting.

Our people are curious, transparent, committed - and eager to work with you! Getting advice from our experts is easy. You can get their latest thoughts on digital growth solutions by checking out our resources page. You can also get in touch through our contact page or give us a call at 855.551.3282.


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We’re excited to help you achieve your marketing goals!

Discover how a team of marketing experts can immediately improve your campaign performance.
  • Identify opportunities within existing marketing campaigns and landing pages to increase overall conversion rates
  • Define additional customer targets to effectively scale and grow your business
  • Maximize your Return on Ad Spend by eliminating media waste from underperforming audiences and creatives

“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!” - Represent

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