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How it works

Growth Strategy gives businesses the power to acquire new customers, improve retention rates, and achieve explosive results while decreasing key costs. With Growth Strategy, you can identify new opportunities, refine your formula for success, and expand your business sustainably.

What we do

Operam uses a multi-phase Growth Marketing process to minimize customer acquisition costs and maximize customer lifetime value (LTV). Our team of creatives, engineers, and data scientists develops comprehensive Growth Strategy plans that optimize every step of the customer journey.

Why you'll love it

Growth Strategy can increase return on ad spend (ROAS) throughout the customer journey:

  • Acquisition: Evaluate current acquisition channels and test audiences and creatives.
  • Activation: Decrease friction to guide customers to the Aha! moment more quickly.
  • Revenue: Upsell, cross-sell, and remarket to increase LTV for every customer.
  • Retention: Enhance touchpoints to build better relationships and improve lifecycle.

Referral: Optimize buyer-led acquisition with referral points across the user experience.




Across all types of campaigns, verticals, and business goals.



Operam is familiar with budgets of all sizes, and can recommend the best campaigns for your business to reach your marketing goals.



Average improvement for clients on their Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM) Efficiencies is 19% over their previous agency.

Due to its industry-leading core product and its focus on consumer privacy, the Partner already enjoyed excellent brand awareness among its target market of creatives. However, the Partner was synonymous with its core product, a freemium offering that lacked incentives for repeat usage. This SaaS company had much more to offer, but high CPAs and privacy concerns had substantially limited their results. Using a mix of marketing strategy, growth consulting, paid social, paid search, programmatic advertising, and creative services, Operam set out to accomplish three goals:

  1. Expand awareness of the Partner’s offerings, including a full product suite and a paid version of the core product.
  2. Increase paid users instead of freemium users.
  3. Decrease CPAs to improve the Partner’s overall return.

The Partner had previously run branding and awareness campaigns, which resulted in moderate success. However, this SaaS company was new to growth marketing and somewhat hesitant to implement standard tracking technology due to privacy concerns. To overcome these initial challenges, the Operam team first focused on education and deep partnership. We advised the Partner about:

  1. Growth marketing best practices
  2. Implementing tracking while maintaining a commitment to data protection
  3. Improving processes and user flow

Operam then prioritized increasing product and brand awareness. To improve awareness of both the brand and the product suite, we relied on a combination of Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Next, we concentrated on growing the Partner’s paid subscriber base. To drive conversions, we relied on Facebook, Instagram, Search, Twitter, and programmatic advertising. Our brand search campaigns performed particularly well, as we increased visibility of organic results by focusing on click-throughs and search traffic. We also retargeted users who had adopted the freemium product with ads for the paid product.


Operam’s digital marketing and advertising strategy generated incredible results for the Partner. Conversion volume outpaced projections by 3906% by EOY. Our campaigns increased U.S. paid users by 21% and doubled paid user usage. We achieved a 93% decrease in CPCs for the freemium product, and our paid search and social campaigns decreased CPAs by 20% for the paid core product.

  • 40x

    Conversion volume outpaced projections

  • 93%

    Decrease in CPCs for the Freemium Product

  • 20%

    Decrease in CPAs for the Paid Product

Dawson Shamblin, VP E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Rodan + Fields

"Operam helped increase our return on ad spend by 300% during the time we worked together. Their team's willingness to be strategic, flexible, and helpful helped us grow our new business unit. We were impressed with the quality of the engagement."

Sean Bacastow, Director of Marketing at Represent

“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!”

Growth Marketing FAQ

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is a tactic that uses data science to increase revenue, decrease costs, and support sustainable expansion. Data is the foundation of Growth Marketing and guides every element:

  • Paid Media: We constantly test and improve paid media, using Panoramic as our data intelligence tool to ensure that we spend every advertising dollar efficiently.
  • Platform + Creative: We create well-aligned campaigns that combine the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with human management to maximize engagement and ROAS.
  • Content + Influencers: We recommend using a combination of trusted influencers, owned platforms, and search-optimized content to showcase your brand.
  • Testing Sprints: We use an efficient process to test and refine creative elements, audience targeting, and friction points before we scale efforts and spend.
  • Conversion Optimization: We do extensive A/B testing on landing pages to maximize the value of every click and drive the highest ROAS throughout the funnel.
  • Lifecycle Management: We consider the first purchase the beginning of every customer relationship, using a mix of remarketing and paid and owned channels to increase LTV.

Who should use Growth Marketing?

Businesses that struggle with low LTV or that have high acquisition costs and a lot of one-time customers can benefit from Growth Marketing. Rather than devoting ad spend to defending market share, Growth Strategy can help your business increase market share more efficiently. With this approach, you can improve prospecting and optimize your advertising spend while increasing ROAS and LTV.

How can an agency help?

Businesses that have small data pools and limited access to optimization tools often find it overly difficult to pursue Growth Strategy independently. Working with a Growth Marketing agency gives you access to essential expertise and technology.

Operam will work with you to implement a Growth Strategy roadmap:

  • Discover: Gather revenue data, map your sales funnel, and audit attribution models.
  • Benchmark: Assess Lifecycle, Paid Social + Paid Search key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Expand: Identify lucrative opportunities to enhance distribution, sales, and referrals.
  • Test: Launch small-scale experiments for creatives and targeting to find top performers.
  • Scale: Use expansion and experimentation data to increase reach and results.
  • Optimize: Monitor performance and make adjustments continuously for best results.

Why Operam?

Operam is with you every step of the way, leading the charge through an efficient and effective Growth Strategy. Our unique approach sets us apart:

  • Economic Ecosystem: Every business has its own economy. We analyze yours by reviewing the user flow, segmenting your user base, and getting to know what defines your best customers.
  • Attribution Models: There’s no single attribution model that works for every business. We analyze your data through multiple viewpoints, choose the most effective model, and apply it throughout your data.
  • User Journey: New customer acquisition fuels revenue growth. We focus on targeting and building prospecting audiences and refining and amplifying your remarketing audiences to maximize revenue.
  • Creative Testing: A data-driven approach is essential for creative testing. We iterate assets and identify the best versions for your audience, always striving to build ads that drive activation and retention naturally.

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“Operam has truly transformed our marketing campaigns. The team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to our success -- It feels like they are an extension of our internal marketing team!” - Represent

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