Operam’s 3 part strategy on TikTok helped generate over 4 billion views and thousands of creations. Tik Tok’s Best Hashtag challenge ever in the entertainment industry.


Beset by the pandemic and its theater closures, Orion sought a path to success for its long-awaited franchise film, Bill & Ted Face the Music. Toward that end, they needed to promote their film to the widest audience possible to maximize PVOD streams, and in turn profits, which would rely on deploying an effective marketing media mix. A relatively new concept, PVOD still had a veil of mystery around it, having really only seen a handful of successes in 2020, such as Trolls World Tour. Operam sought to achieve two main goals:

  • Lift awareness with key audiences
  • Create a viral event that generates engagement and interactions with the movie

With a majority of Generation Z and Millennials using TikTok, Operam knew this was the platform to build interest with key audiences in the younger demographic.
The hypothesis was developed to create a holistic plan around three key tactics on the platform to accomplish the goal of creating urgency, interest, and engagement with audiences. Use short form content for massive in-feed video push; Utilize national promotional opportunities such as Hashtag Challenges and Brand Takeovers to garner awareness from broad younger audiences closer to release.


#ShredWithBillAndTed Hashtag Challenge to date has generated 4.2 billion views

  • The most successful TikTok Hashtag Challenge to date (as of August 2021). Addam’s family had 250M views to Bill and Ted’s 4.2 Billion views.
  • The challenge saw a record breaking 552k creations
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