Why Did My Facebook Ad Get Rejected – and What Can I Do About It?

No digital marketer or business owner wants to receive the dreaded “your ad was rejected” email from Facebook. But as frustrating as this Facebook Ads issue can be, it doesn’t have to signal the end of your campaign. Find out why your Facebook ad was rejected and learn how to get it back online – while lowering your chances of getting flagged next time.

Why Did My Facebook Ad Get Rejected?

Facebook has a strict advertising policy, and the rules change frequently. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess which one your ad violated. Here’s how to find why Facebook rejected your ad:

  1. Navigate to Facebook Business Manager and select Account Quality.
  2. Choose the ad account with the rejected ad.
  3. Check the Available for Another Review tab, which lists rejected ads.
  4. Click on the link in the Policy Violation column for a full description of the issue.
Screenshot of Facebook Business Manager's Account Quality view

There are countless reasons the platform could refuse to run your ad, but these are some of the most common problems:

Prohibited Categories

Businesses can’t advertise just anything via Facebook Ads. The platform completely prohibits products or services in categories like these:

  • Explosives
  • Tobacco
  • Drugs

Restricted Categories

Facebook Ads require more oversight for certain categories. If you’re advertising a business, product, or service in one of these restricted categories, you have to apply for permission first:

  • Online gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Cryptocurrency

Personal Attributes

When you write ad copy, it’s natural to want to connect with the audience. However, Facebook prohibits businesses from implying that they have specific knowledge of anyone’s personal attributes, which include protected categories like age and religion.

  • You can say: “Join a meetup for Sikh teens.”
  • You can’t say: “Get together with fellow Sikh teens.”

Landing Page Issues

The landing page is a critical component of many Facebook Ads, especially if you’re running a traffic or conversion ad. It’s important to choose your landing page wisely, as Facebook Ads policies prohibit several types of pages, including those that:

  • Are under construction
  • Don’t match what you’re advertising
  • Automatically download files

Private Information

Facebook lead ads are great for collecting contact information from prospects. They’re also relatively flexible, as they let you ask for information ranging from email address and phone number to job title and company name. Yet the Facebook Ads policy prohibits you from requesting confidential things like:

  • Account numbers
  • Protected categories like race
  • Usernames and passwords

Bad Language

When writing social media ads or even organic posts, you might have noticed that typos and surprising punctuation tend to capture attention. While an occasional typo or all-caps word is okay, Facebook Ads prohibits purposeful mistakes like:

  • Unusual or incorrect capitalization: “ShOp NoW!”
  • Excessive punctuation: “©**$hop Now***©”
  • Profanity or the suggestion of it: “Get the best %#*@ deal!”

How to Resolve a Facebook Ad Rejection

Now you know why your Facebook ad was rejected, even if you don’t necessarily agree with the reason. Next, you can take steps to resolve the issue and get your ad up and running.

Fix the Policy Violation

If it’s clear now that your ad doesn’t comply with the Facebook Ads policy, you can fix it. From the Account Quality dashboard, click the See Violations link below the ad name.

Screenshot of Account Quality in Facebook Business Manager with an arrow pointing at "See Violations"

When the ad window pops up on the right side of the screen, click the Open in Ads Manager link to go directly to the ad in question.

Screenshot of rejected ad in Facebook Business Manager with an arrow pointing at "Open in Ads Manager"

Depending on the reason the ad was rejected, you may need to take one of these actions:

  • Remove personal attributes from the ad copy
  • Correct language or punctuation issues
  • Replace the landing page with a working and relevant URL
  • Revise the lead form so it doesn’t request confidential information
  • Add a minimum age to the target audience
  • Get authorization to advertise in a special ad category
Screenshot of a rejected ad in Facebook Ads Manager with a warning: "Ad Can't Run: Create a new post"

Once you fix the issue, you can republish your ad, which resubmits it for review. If the ad isn’t successfully approved, check the reason and consider whether you need to make additional edits to fix the issue. If you can see the problem, fix it and resubmit again. But if you think the ad actually follows the policy, it’s time to request a review.

Request a Review

When you receive a Facebook Ads rejection, it’s often the result of an automated process. The process isn’t perfect, which means you can expect some irrelevant rejections from time to time.

In other words, Facebook Ads might wrongly determine that you’re advertising something in a restricted category when that’s simply not the case. Or the system might accidentally flag your landing page even though it’s working properly.

If you don’t think your ad violates the policy, you can request another review. From the Account Quality dashboard, check the ads in question and click the blue Request Review button.

Screenshot of Account Quality in Facebook Business Manager with an arrow pointing at "Request Review"

So what happens next? First, the good news: Facebook places your request in a queue and automatically approves your ad if it passes the test. Now the bad news: reviews can take more than 24 hours to complete, even if the ad rejection was a mistake in the first place.

If more than 24 hours pass without an approval or a reply, you can follow up with the support team. Your best bet is to fill out a Facebook Ads review form.

If you still don’t receive a reply or a resolution, you can contact support directly:

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click the Help icon in the lower left corner.
  2. Choose the affected ad account and select a reason, such as My ad was disapproved.
  3. Click the gray Contact Support button at the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot of Facebook Ads Manager with an arrow pointing at the "Help" icon and a box highlighting the "Contact Support" section

Submit a New Version of the Ad

If your review isn’t successful and the ad isn’t available for another review, you still have options. Rather than continuing to edit the existing ad, you can try these alternative approaches:

  • Duplicate the ad and attempt to republish, which prompts another review.
  • Create a new campaign with an A/B test to try a few versions of the ad – and see which ones pass muster.

Why It’s Important to Avoid Facebook Ad Rejections

So what’s the big deal? If you fix your ads or request a review, you can get them to run eventually. Right? Although you can get many Facebook Ads rejections lifted, there are two major downsides to getting any in the first place.

Lengthy Review Process

In some cases, it takes days to get your ads up and running. If you’re advertising a time-sensitive promotion, you’ll lose valuable time dealing with these unnecessary delays. Rather than risking a rejection, double- or triple-check your ads to make sure they follow current Facebook Ads policies.

Facebook Ad Account Closure

Infrequent violations won’t shut down your account. But if Facebook constantly rejects your ads, your business could lose the ability to advertise on the platform. If your ad rejections are piling up, do your team a favor and read through the Facebook Ads policies to make sure your account doesn’t get banned.

Best Practices for Avoiding Facebook Ad Rejection

Some Facebook Ads rejections are automated accidents, making them unavoidable. But you can escape other common rejections by following best practices.

Review Facebook Ads Categories

If your brand is new to Facebook Ads or if you’re a digital marketer taking on a new client, do some preliminary checks:

  • Is the business in a restricted category? Apply for permission to advertise before you start running ads.
  • Does the business specialize in something prohibited on Facebook? Consider another platform instead.

Schedule Facebook Ads in Advance

When you wait until the last moment to publish an ad, you could end up standing by for up to 24 hours as the review process runs its course. If your ad gets rejected, it could be another couple days before the ad can finally run.

To avoid wasting so much time, create your ad campaign and schedule it at least a day in advance. Plan ahead even further around the holiday season. Facebook Ads reaches peak usage during November and December, which means the review process can take much longer.

Create High-Quality Ads

Above all, it’s best to make the most professional and most honest ads you can. In other words, use ad copy and creatives that appeal to your audience while staying within the bounds of the ad policy. Link to a landing page that works properly and doesn’t attempt to mislead prospects. Be a good advertiser, and Facebook Ads will welcome your advertising spend.

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